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We feed and nourish our Children ORGANICALLY!

As part of the Country Casa “Country Farm­‐to­‐school” initiative, our children benefit from daily meals  largely grown and prepared right from our very own back yard. We prepare and serve our special organic home meals using a wide variety of our own organic fruits, vegetables and herbs. Each meal features an educational focus on healthy eating. In addition to the nutritional benefits of our special organic home meals, our children are learning about healthy food by experiencing them in many ways. Country Casa introduces children to fresh, organic food through classroom activities such as “tasting” and “pick your favourite” where children get their hands dirty planting and harvesting, and their taste buds are treated to the tastes of freshly picked produce. Once children try fresh organic produce, our children discover they are hungry for fresh vegetables and fruit. Our children learn a deeper understanding of where food comes from and experience it with healthy food choices. We provide our children with the knowledge to make smart dietary choices that will benefit them their entire lives. Our meals are prepared on site by a certified food handler and a registered dietician has approved our menu following the Canadian Food Guide. We do not use food dyes, salts or sugars when we prepare our food. We do not use processed food when preparing our meals and snacks.  

Pioneer Initiative


Children will explore lessons on life 100 years ago! Lessons and activities such as "butter churning", Maple Syrup Tree Tapping, Harvesting, Baking and Farming!

A true understanding of heritage and tradition