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Research from diverse fields of study shows that children who attend programs where they experience warm, supportive relationships are happier, less anxious and more motivated to learn than those who do not. Experiencing positive relationships in early childhood also has significant long-term impacts on physical and mental health, and success in school and beyond.

HDLH provides information on ways adults can engage in positive, responsive interactions and why this is critical for children’s overall learning, development, health and well-being.

Combining both Montessori materials, ECE philosophy and HDLH we have created a unique learning environment that has been proven over the years.

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 How Does Learning Happen? - Ontario’s Pedagogy for the Early Years

Our Program 


CCMD is dedicated to supporting children’s learning, development, health and well-being through caring and responsive dedicated staff who focus on active learning, exploration, play and inquiry. At CCMD we view children and their families as competent, capable and as active participants in all aspects of the program.


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